About us

Who we are

Netherlands-based BakeryZone specializes in the development, sales and distribution of bakery related concepts and products for inflight catering. We supply patisserie, cakes, desserts, bread, cookies, chocolate, savoury snacks and several other bakery related products, for complementary services as well as buy on board purposes.

Our experience in airline catering goes back to 1996. In 2010 Olof Bos founded BakeryZone and ever since, we supply not only all airliners in The Netherlands, but also to a fast growing number of other European airliners.

It is our goal to make our clients’ lives easier by offering the best solutions for on board bakery items.

How we work

Your wishes
Our projects and processes evolve around what you want and not around what our bakeries can produce. What are your requirements concerning product, packaging, budget, minimum shelf life and logistics? Based on exactly these requirements we will develop a package of suitable concepts.

Tailor-made solution
We have a wide range of product and packaging options conveniently available off the shelf. If there is no match with our existing assortment however, we can develop new concepts that better fit your needs. Many of our products are actually tailor-made because we realise different variables ask for different solutions.

New products and concepts
Changing menus and market circumstances demand continuous new product development and creativity on our side. This is actually a good thing, because creativity and product development is part of our DNA and also the primary reason why we absolutely love what we do. It is our pleasure to share this enthusiasm with our customer. Monitoring consumer trends, keeping an eye on related segments and challenging our supplying partners often result in exciting new concepts and products.

What we stand for

For us quality is more than just a good product in a nice and functional packaging. It is also a tool to communicate with our customers in an appealing and correct manner. The fundament of our quality policy is our close eye on forecasting and planning. Avoiding residual stocks is key in supplying fresh product and fresh product is a crucial first step in achieving the maximum service level the industry is requiring.

Our supply chain is in accordance with all relevant food safety systems and procedures. Obviously working with the best partners in the industry helps us to keep our standards as high as they are.

All of these efforts combined contribute to our mission of providing the best possible quality and highest service level to our clients.

We are well aware that every customer is different and that local requirements and flavors need to be taken into account. That is what drives us: supplying the best solution in each individual situation in a turbulent and ever changing market. Due to our flexible approach and set up, we can adapt our concepts and products to every circumstance.

Creativity is not for sale; it is a way of thinking that is embedded in our business. We are out of the box thinkers and focus on opportunities rather than on constraints. We always have your wishes and requirements at heart instead of potential challenges that our machinery, production or packing processes sometimes impose on us. This approach often results in new innovative products.

We want our clients to feel confident every day; right from the moment they have selected us as their supplying partner. This helps them to focus on running their business, because they know they can rely on BakeryZone’s expertise on inflight bakery products. That is how we aim to build a long-term relationship with our clients.