Travel Treats Airline Snacks

Last year BakeryZone introduced a new range sweet and savoury airline products for inflight catering called ‘Travel Treats’.

What is so ‘key’ about the Travel Treats assortment?

  • A wide range of > 75 delicious sweet and savoury items for serving on board
  • Special ranges for buy on board purposes and for complementary services
  • Six different product categories;
    1. Travel Treats Cakes & Cookies
    2. Travel Treats Cereal Products
    3. Travel Treats Savoury Items
    4. Travel Treats Chocolate & Candy
    5. Travel Treats Traybaked Products
    6. Travel Treats Morning Goods
  • One stylish packaging design for all items
  • Very budget friendly
  • Limited stock risks due to a long shelf life
  • Global distribution

Would you like to know more? Please get in touch or ask for the Travel Treats Brochure.

NEW: Travel Treats Tortilla Chips Nacho Cheese

BakeryZone’s successful addition to the savoury Travel Treats airline range are the delicious mini tortilla chips, nacho cheese.

  • Snack box full of tasty mini tortilla chips nacho cheese (45 gr)
  • Famous spicy Heinz Tomato Salsa (25 gr) included in the box
  • Especially developed for buy on board purposes
  • Great potential for high turnover and good profit margins
  • Inner box and foil with a nice Mexican design

Please contact us if you would like to receive more information.

NEW: Travel Treats Tic Tac® Marvellous Mini's

BakeryZone developed in cooperation with Tic Tac (Ferrero Rocher) a small pack with 4 mini boxes (4 x 3,8 g) of the world famous Tic Tac, each with a different flavour.

A refreshing buy on board product as a treat or as a gift. A small size product with high sales value and great margin opportunities. A unique product that is not for sale in regular retail but only available in our Travel Treats range.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.